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Realtor's Profile

Realtor's Profile

I have extended experience of working as realtor in South Florida market since 2005 in the areas of Miami-Dade including Aventura, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami and Brickell, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isle Beach and Bal Harbour as well as in Broward areas of Hallandale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach. My area of expertise is working both with sellers and buyers in most of real estate types of transactions and types of properties including condominiums and single family homes. I have solid relationships with some lenders which helped me many times to help buyers to go through financial hoops and successfully close the deals.

Here are some principles I maintain when working with both sellers and buyers:

*Selling real estate requires an understanding of both the seller's motivation to sell the property as well as buyer's interest in the property and ability to make appropriate offer and ability to close on the deal.

*Understanding the reasons behind a seller's decision to put their property on the market helps us make the right decision in regards to the type of marketing we will do. An eager seller with financial concerns may require a different approach than someone who simply wishes to upgrade or downgrade to a different property.

*Determining the appropriate price is a critical step in order sell real estate property; pricing too high will drive potential buyers away in the crucial initial weeks of the selling process. Attempting to reduce the price later on might not bring those buyers back that previously chose to pass on the property; pricing too low may sell quickly but you may end up losing thousands of dollars in profit.

*Correctly determining a property's price is a complex step that will require a full understanding of the current market, the history of the market for the last twelve months and current news and information about the future of the market.

*Assuring your home is ready to start the selling process always requires a little bit of work. Making sure everything appears neat and organized goes a long way with buyers. Sometimes it may be necessary to stage the property to make sure that furniture or other fixtures are not turning potential buyers away.

*Making sure that potential buyer is 100% qualified under the rule: Willing, Able and Ready. Also understanding what the buyer is looking to buy before starting to show the properties.

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